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Nicole Ramcharan

Website Design

Nicole is a recent recruit to the 'Green Dupatta' team. She is currently studying to become a Child and Youth worker at Centennial College. She is  also working at Audi of Mississauga. Nicole is also a graduated indian classical dancer and is a member of Iconic Dance Studio. Nicole is looking forward to growing along side the rest of the team and making a difference in the world.

Keisha Singh

Secretary/Media Director

Alongside her charitable work, Keisha also serves as another one of 'Green Dupatta's' co-founders. Keisha holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from the University of Toronto. She is currently working as behavioural therapist at 'ErinOak Kids'..

Nirmala Ramprasad 


Nirmala has graduated with a Honours Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts in Anthropology. She is currently working as a special education teacher in the Toronto District School Board. In addition to co-founding 'Green Dupatta', Nirmala is also the reigning Miss West Indian Canadian Queen of 2015. 

Anil Singh

Public Relations Correspondent

Anil joined the 'Green Dupatta' Team in 2017. He has succesfully garnered the attention and involvment of local businesses, who have subsequently helped 'Green Dupatta' meet its financial goals. As a father of two, and an entrepreneur working towards early retirement, Anil's goal are to continue working to help others and possibly one day open his own shelter.

Jay Andrew Goolab

Board Member

Jay has been a part of 'Green Dupatta' for 2+ years on a consultation basis, using his expertise to help plan and execute fundraising events. Jay successfully started his first business at the age of 20 and his second at 21. Not only is Jay an incredible asset to the 'Green Dupatta' Team, but he also continues to  inspire his colleagues from 'Events by Andrew' to volunteer their time at our annual fundraiser.  Jay is a Humber College graduate in Hospitality, as well as Business, Management.  

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