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Proceeds from this year’s banquet will go towards completing the restoration of the community centre in Leonora, Guyana.  

Thanks to all our wonderful donors, we were able to begin renovations in August 2015. Although the building is now being used as an after-school daycare and providing classes for children, there were jobs that were not completed that prevents this building from fully functioning as a community hub for the Leonora people.

The building does not have any proper electricity or plumbing, except for a sink. A stove could be installed next to the sink for preparing food. The outhouse does not have a functioning toilet. The garden area was left untouched and unusable in its current state. And finally, the cement fence around the building is in dire need of repair, if not demolished completely and redone.

By purchasing a ticket to our banquet, you’ll be helping us get one step closer to completing this project.

For more information on the August 2015 renovations , please click here



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