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In order to completely restore this community centre Green Dupatta is looking to raise $12,000!



Donated by Peter Buyck

Donated by Krishna Bhim

Restoration of Community Centre and Urban Garden in South America

As a former central pillar of this town, the community centre in Leonora Guyana is in dire need of repair. Acting not only as a gathering point for community members, but also as the local temple, this building is important to a substantial amount of citizens.

This building has been shut down due to safety issues. Although the structure is sound, complete renovations, as well as the installation of a new roof, are necessary.

In helping to make this goal a reality, you will be helping to restore the heart of a community. In addition to the restoration of this building, we will be planting an edible garden that would be open to the entire community.

Price Breakdown:

  • Replace leaky roof $5,000 
  • Demolish and replace fence $500 
  • Redo concrete floor $1,000
  • Create electrical outlets $200
  • Refresh Garden $300
  • Renovate outhouse $1,000
  • Replace broken windows $1,000
  • Interior Paint $200
  • Exterior Paint $300
  • Create two safe stairwells $500 each
  • Repolish and tile interior floors $500
  • Replace desks and chairs $500
  • Miscillaneous (fridge, stove, school supplies etc) $500