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Founded: 2013


Headquarters: Toronto, Canada 

Areas of expertise: 
Community development, education and urban gardening


Restoration of Community Centre and Garden in the Caribbean

As a former central pillar of this town, the community centre in Leonora Guyana is in dire need of repair. Acting not only as a gathering point for community members, but also as the local temple, this building is important to a substantial amount of citizens.

This building has been shut down due to safety issues. Although the structure is sound, complete renovations, as well as the installation of a new roof are necessary.

In helping to make this goal a reality, you will be helping to restore the heart of a community. In addition to the restoration of this building, we will be planting an edible garden that would be open to the entire community.

For more a more detailed description of what renovations are needed, click the button below.

Focused on community building and urban development, Green Dupatta strives to provide communities around the world with the means to sustainable agriculture.


Through a variety of fundraising initiatives our organization hopes to create urban gardens and restore communal infrastructure in communities all around the world. Our projects are youth based ;  they are both created and executed by students or recent graduates. In addition to international work, Green Dupatta intends to educate youth on the importance of sustainable energy and the creation of a global community.